The big day is approaching, you have surely already found your wedding venue and might be messing around with your fiancé on the guest list :) You are looking for your wedding photographer in Paris or elsewhere in France, the one who will build the memories of this magical day that will stay in your family for a long time.

Choosing your wedding photographer is not easy. There are a lot of them, with different styles, and you also find it hard to imagine yourself "posing" in front of a photographer you don't know

My advice ? Take someone who you can trust. I will accompany you throughout this day, we will have met, and I privilege the natural during my shots. You will therefore not have the impression of posing, but just living a special moment with the one who shares your life.


I got married in September 2020, so I was faced with the same questions as you not so long ago ! I thought that it was still strange to choose a near stranger to enter our privacy for a whole day. It is therefore essential to have a good feeling, and to feel mutual confidence.

I like to accompany the bride and groom to have the best possible day. A wedding goes by so quickly that you have to enjoy the most of it. My photo reportage will allow you to prolong this magic. I also offer a video option, which allows you to complete the report in a dynamic way.

You may have heard friends or people not be completely happy with their choice of photographer, whether it is for the rendering of the photos or the processing time. You have also surely seen brides and grooms tense and not enjoying their wedding day enough. So this is a very important choice to make so as not to have any regrets.


I consider that when you choose your wedding photographer, you are opting for a real experience. You will be accompanied from the signing of the contract to the delivery of the book. On D-Day I would blend in with the guests to faithfully transcribe the atmosphere of the day so that you can feel it again later when you will look at the photos.

I will also keep an eye on you to make you comfortable if needed. An example ? Virasack was totally petrified before entering the church, I said a few words for him to relax and enjoy this very important moment. He later told me that I had "saved his life" at the time.

Keep in mind that it's YOUR day, enjoy it and have fun !


If you want to have a photographer who truly accompanies you during your wedding, who gives his all and who catches natural and emotional moments, here is what I offer you.

We will make an appointment before the wedding to get to know each other, and so that I can know your story. We will discuss our respective expectations for this day, and I can help you organize your schedule.

On the wedding day, my number one priority will be your well-being. Indeed, relaxed and smiling newlyweds will look naturally beautiful in photos. My other priority will be capturing moments of life and emotion, adding my artistic style. I will be discreet to capture the complicity that binds you, and mingle with the guests in order to tell the story of this day as authentically as possible.

I will guide you during couple session, but the goal is to have pictures of yourself that you can recognize yourself in. Are you not used to being in front of a lense ? Unless you're a movie star, that's normal ! Be rassured, you will feel at ease and anyway this day is so special, that you will be naturally smiling and comfortable about yourself !


I am a wedding photographer in Paris but I like to travel all over France, to explore new regions and discover these beautiful reception venues. I can also accompany you to a place that is dear to you for the "Engagement" and "Day after" sessions.


- I speak English, with a beautiful French accent :)

- For a whole day reportage, you will get around 500 and 600 retouched photos

- Photos are delivered around 15 days after the wedding, 30 days maximum (written in the contract)

- I work with two cameras Sony A7III each equipped with two memory card slots. The risk of loss due to a technical problem is therefore reduced to a minimum.

- I use prime lenses with wide aperture (for low light situations and beautiful background blur)

- I also do a video clip

- I am a full time professional photographer


"Luan is a tremendous professional and passionate photographer. He took care of our wedding back in September 2020 and our pictures are gorgeous. Our families and friends were all positive and amazed by his professionalism, ability to disappear in the crowd and capture the ideal moment and right emotion or smile. We can only recommend him and his work."

Mélanie and Jérémy

"Luan is a very good, professional wedding photographer who takes beautiful photos. He manages to put everyone at ease, whether it's the stressed-out bride and groom or the guests around them. We highly recommend him ! He will sublimate your wedding."

Amandine and Vincent

"The blur effects, the grain of the photos, capturing natural moments, it really should not be easy but the result is there!
"Memories maker" defines him very well. I am delighted with my wedding photos. And in addition he is really very nice so that does not spoil anything in this superb performance.
I will think about calling on him again for other important moments in my life!"

Margot and Romain

Let's discuss !

Don't hesitate to contact me, it does not imply anything except to discuss a little with me :) I will get back to you for a little email or phone conversation, and maybe we can schedule an appointment or a Visio.

Fill out the form below, or contact me directly, I will get back to you quickly to discuss your project.


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